Nuestro Restaurante

We are located in a historic building, which is one of the most emblematic civil architecture in Besalú transition from Romanesque to Gothic of the XIII-XIV century, which for years was the headquarters of the magistracy.

Magistracy, formerly (chief magistrates) is the territory on which it had a power vegueria.

Vegueria, who comes from the Latin (vegueriu) , who has a representation of a higher authority, was an official in the royal court s.XIII assumed responsibilities and representation . He was assisted in his duties by sotsveguers.

It was also Courthouse and Royal Court , and later convent of nuns of the Heart of Mary.

In 1977 he qualified as a restaurant, and despite renovations that has been has been carefully preserved.

Nuestra cocina Cocina volcánica,
de mercado y tradicional

El Restaurant Cúria Reial ofrece una cocina de mercado con platos que son elaborados de manera casera, con una marcada creatividad, disfrutando de la Cocina Volcánica con productos autóctonos de la tierra y con una cuidada elaboración.

Deseamos satisfacer sus sentidos